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At this time we think particularly of the children. Since the start of October, there have been at least 23 children have been killed, including 17 shot dead by Israeli forces whilst allegedly carrying out stabbing attacks. 12 children's bodies remain withheld by Israeli authorities. At least 283 Palestinian children have sustained injuries since the start of October.

Many other Palestinian children are languishing behind Israeli prison bars. Sadly the hardships for children have continued throughout 2015.

Of those Palestinian children arrested by Israeli Forces who gave testimony to Military Court Watch : 

  • 65% report being arrested by the military at night in what are frequently described as "terrifying" raids.
  • 93% report being hand tied upon arrest which is frequently described as “painful” or “very tight and painful”. 
  • 80% report being blindfolded or hooded upon arrest.
  • 62% report being subjected to various forms of physical abuse during arrest, transfer and/or interrogation. The abuse includes: punching, slapping, kicking, beating with, or pushing into objects, prolonged exposure to the elements, spat on, position abuse and electric shocks.

MPs will be debating the issue of Palestinian child detainees on Wednesday January 6th. So before you start your break - if you haven't already - message your MP and make sure they know the facts.