Earlier this year FIFA said it is “fully committed to respecting human rights” and placed human rights at the heart of their statutes. It is time for FIFA to put this into practice and take action against Israel for its continued destruction of Palestinian communities and their denial of rights to Palestinians. Israeli racism should be kicked out of international football.

FIFA recently produced a video showing the positive role football can play, shot in the villages of Umm Al Khair and Susiya – both of these villages are under imminent threat of demolition by Israel. The FIFA film has footage of the community centre destroyed by Israeli bulldozers on 24th August – just a couple of months after FIFA shot parts of their video in it. It is time for FIFA to take a stand.
Currently FIFA is considering what action to take concerning Israeli football clubs that are based in illegal settlements. There is no place for racism and human rights abuses in football. This is a critical moment - we need to use this opportunity to tell FIFA to take action against the Israeli Football Association.  It is time to suspend Israel from international football competitions.
If you have not done so already please write to FIFA today. Our friends at Red Card Israeli Racism have set up an easy to fill in form for you to use.