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We are forwarding this message from Portsmouth and South Downs PSC so that as many of us as possible have the opportunity to sign this petition

*On July 1st, Israel's Prime Minister is set to expand Israel into much of Palestine. Palestine is a state recognised by the United Nations, but Israel's government is simply taking it over, in violation of all international law.

Virtually everyone opposes this, but the question is whether anyone will do anything about it.

Europe and others have the power to make Israel think twice, but they need to hear a massive demand for action from citizens first.

Israel is leaving bits of land to be somewhat self-governed by Palestinians, and it may advance its annexation in stages to decrease international alarm. But the remainder of Palestine looks like swiss cheese; an impossible state to function and govern.


Palestinians are effectively being corralled into pockets of land -- like large open-air prisons, under the tight control of Israel.

Many call it Apartheid and it might also be called ethnic concentration.

As Israel's largest trade partner, the EU can make clear that annexation and human rights violations in Palestine will lead to sanctions.


*_Demand action for Palestine now




400 Jewish studies scholars denounce Israeli annexation as ‘apartheid’ (Jerusalem Post)


Israel rubber-stamps 50 years of land theft

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Annexation Is a Gross Violation of International Law: Europe must have a sharp Response

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