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Here is another exciting online event which you might like to "attend". I saw Mark Thomas perform "Walking the Wall" at the Tricycle Theatre in London several years ago and thoroughly recommend it both for his humour but also his political and cultural insights. Prof. Colin Green is one of our local PSC members and has been involved in medical projects in Palestine for many years and is the founder of IMET, which supports the training of Palestinian healthcare workers who provide trauma care for children affected by war and deprivation. Below are the details of the event from IMET. Tickets cost £5 and you can pay with a card or via PayPal.

 We are pleased to announce (see attached) that our wonderful IMET2000 Patron, Mark Thomas, has agreed to put on another live streamed show for us on August 11th, 2020.The original live show ‘Walking the Wall’ was performed in many UK theatres and filmed in 2011 and was followed by a best-selling book. As usual there will be a live introduction from Mark (with BSL interpreter), a stream of the filmed show (with captioned option), followed by a live interview with Colin Green around the theme ‘Child Victims of War and Pandemics’, in turn followed by a Q&A (with BSL interpreter). A recording of the whole evening will be available for 24 hours after the livestream. Mark and his great team are also offering a free bonus recorded discussion with Mark and Phil Stebbing, who accompanied Mark and filmed the walk. This will be available for a week after the livestream.

All three NGO beneficiaries ( Firefly International, ICAHD-UK and IMET2000) will share equally any proceeds from the show (20%of each ticket sold and any kind donations to this cause). To purchase tickets , please click on link and all donations welcome however small can be made on ( As IMET2000 is dealing with the finances on a pro bono basis every penny will go into the projects. Now that all our other live fund raising events and activities are impossible because of the CV19 pandemic, these on-line events are essential lifelines to the survival of our many projects. Thank you.

    Prof Colin Green, Founder and Treasurer, IMET2000.