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On the 18 September, a group of us staged a protest outside the Greenshields JCB site in Farnham, in order to draw attention to the use of JCB equipment in house demolitions in the West Bank. JCB is one of the UK companies condemned in a recent UN report for their operations in the West Bank. The protest was part of a campaign calling on the NSPPC to stop accepting money from JCB as its operations have a serious impact on the lives of Palestinian children.
It was reported in the Farnham Herald, which elicited responses from both JCB and NCPCC.  They don’t usually respond publicly, so clearly we got to them a bit.

The update at the link below from reports on the protest. The tone of this report is in sharp contrast to the much less sympathetic report that has been published in the local Farnham Herald that you can read in the attachments. This is a clear reminder of the obstacles the solidarity movement faces in achieving the press coverage that the Palestinian struggle deserves. If you happen to live in the Farnham area, you might like to write to the Farnham Herald and express your concern at the failure of their report to explain the role of JCB in the demolition of Palestinian homes.

If you have not already done so, please sign the petition while you're there.