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Cameron urges lifting of Gaza siege

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

David Cameron, the British prime minister, has urged Israel to lift the blockade of the Gaza Strip, describing the current state of the Palestinian enclave as a "prison camp".

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Israel's Secret Police Exposed

27 July 2010

The arrest by Israel's internal security service, the Shin Bet, of an Israeli Jew accused of killing at least four Palestinians has thrown a rare light on the secret police, including attempts by one of its agents to enlist the accused to assassinate a Palestinian spiritual leader.

Read more at The Palestine Chronicle

Israel Renders 300 Bedouins Homeless

28 July 2010

Hundreds of Israeli forces have attacked Bedouins living in the Negev desert, demolishing their village and leaving about 300 villagers homeless.
According to rights activists, more than 1,500 Israeli police forces arrived at the al-Araqib village shortly before dawn on Tuesday to bulldoze the entire area.

Read more at The Palestine Chronicle

Germany redefines relations with Israel

July 16 2010

Germany redefines relations with IsraelIn what is being hailed a historic and rare instance of the German government falling out of step with Zionist Israel, a cross-party resolution by Germany's federal parliament, the Bundestag, was passed at the beginning of the month. The resolution, which demands an end to the crippling and illegal blockade that has devastated the economy of the Gaza Strip and brought the sector to the brink of humanitarian disaster, is being viewed in the context of the international clamour that arose following Israel's bloody assault on a humanitarian aid flotilla in May.

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More unease in the Pentagon with Israel

Something unusual is happening in the upper echelons of the US military establishment. There is a constant drip of reports calling for a change in official policy toward Palestine. What has entered the public domain may only be the tip of the ice-berg, and although the movement may be slow; some insiders believe the drift toward change is now unstoppable.

It is not the quantity of articles or their general trajectory that is generating media discussion. It is their openness and depth of analyses. Veteran military analyst, Mark Perry, in a recent article for Foreign Policy uncovered some cold truths underlining the debate raging within the Pentagon.

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Israel jails Arab for 'deceit rape'

Thursday  July 22  2010

An Arab living in Israel has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for having consensual sex with an Israeli woman who apparently believed he was Jewish.
Sabbar Kashur was sentenced on Monday after being convicted of "rape by deception".
According to the court, Kashur met a Jewish woman in Jerusalem in 2008 and introduced himself as a single Jew looking for a serious relationship. The two had sex in a nearby building.

Read more at Aljazeera

Hamas slams UN over aid deliveries

July 24 2010

Hamas has said the United Nations call for aid groups to send supplies to the Gaza strip over-land rather than by sea amounts to "collaboration with the Israeli occupier".
"The UN call to international organisations to use the over-land road to Gaza instead of the sea is unacceptable and illegal," Sami Abu Zahri, a Hamas spokesman, said on Saturday.

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Israeli right embracing one-state?

July 20 2010

There has been a strong revival in recent years of support among Palestinians for a one-state solution guaranteeing equal rights to Palestinians and Israeli Jews throughout historic Palestine.
One might expect that any support for a single state among Israeli Jews would come from the far left, and in fact this is where the most prominent Israeli Jewish champions of the idea are found, although in small numbers.
Recently, proposals to grant Israeli citizenship to Palestinians in the West Bank, including the right to vote for the knesset, have emerged from a surprising direction: Right-wing stalwarts such as knesset speaker Reuven Rivlin, and former defence minister Moshe Arens, both from the Likud party of Binyamin Netanyahu, the prime minister.

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Arabs reject unconditional talks

July 19 2010

The head of the Arab League has said that Palestinians cannot move into direct peace talks with Israel unless "written guarantees" are given beforehand.
Amr Mussa, the secretary general of the 22-member pan-Arab organisation, spoke in Cairo as Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president, held meetings aimed at breathing new life into the stalled peace process

Read the entire article at Aljazeera

Netanyahu: US easily manipulated

July 18 2010

A recently-revealed tape has shown Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, discussing ways to undermine the Oslo Accords and calling the United States "easy" to manipulate.
The video was filmed in 2001, apparently without Netanyahu's knowledge, during a meeting with Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank. It aired on Friday night on Israel's Channel 10, and several translations have been posted online.

Read the entire article at Aljazeera

Israeli 'loyalty oath' approved

July 19 2010

The Israeli cabinet has approved a provision that would require all prospective citizens living in Israel illegally to swear allegiance to a "Jewish democratic state".
Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, said on Sunday that the law would preserve Israel's "Jewish and democratic character".
Human rights groups have condemned the measure, saying it would make it more difficult for Palestinians to obtain Israeli citizenship.

Read the entire article at Aljazeera

Turkey's new visionary

July 18 2010

While leaders of the Middle East are caught between solving new and old economic and political problems, and while the peoples of the region are losing hope due to a lack of direction or solutions, one country is quietly forging ahead with plans to become a regional superpower. And one man is directing and implementing this drive.
Ahmet Davutoglu was a professor at Marmara University and the chairman of the Department of International relations at Beykent University. He was the chief adviser to Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister, before being appointed foreign minister in May 2009.

Read the entire article at Aljazeera

Abbas wants foreign border troops

July 17 2010

The Palestinian president has said that he would enter into direct talks with Israel if it agrees to the deployment of an international force along its 1967 borders.
Mahmoud Abbas made the comments in article published in Jordan's al-Ghad newspaper before meeting George Mitchell, the US envoy to the Middle East, on Saturday.

Read the entire article at Aljazeera

Libyan Aid Ship Unloaded At Egyptian Port

July 17 2010

The ship, sponsored by the Libyan Gaddafi Foundation, was loaded with 2,000 tons of food and medical supply. Yousseuf Sawani, the executive director of the foundation, stated that the vessel had been diverted to Egypt after eight Israeli war ships prevented it from violating the Israeli naval blockade on Gaza. “It was unacceptable for us to enter into a confrontation and risk bloodshed,” he remarked and added: “The aims of Amalthea have been achieved without bloodshed and the result is gains for the Palestinians.”

Read more at PNN

Flotilla Organizer Announces Continuing Aid For Gaza

July 17 2010

The Turkish NGO IHH, organizer of the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza in May, announced that the efforts to sent supplies to Gaza would continue
ImageBulent Yildirim, the leader of IHH, stated at a conference in Instanbul: “More flotillas will head to Gaza in the coming month, and additional convoys by land. This, together with many more surprises that we will reveal soon.”

Read more atPNN

Ashton Urges Easing of Gaza

19 July 2010

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton has called for the further easing of Israel's four-year blockade of the Gaza Strip during a visit to the impoverished coastal sliver.
Ashton, after meeting some Palestinian and Israeli officials on Sunday, visited the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) school and summer camp.

Read more at the Palestine Chronicle

Israel to Get Mega Military Handout

July 17 2010

The United States plans to provide Israel with its most extensive military aid package in history, reports say.
The US Assistant Secretary of State, Andrew J. Shapiro claims that the increased US military assistance should help Tel Aviv reach tough decisions in peace talks with the Palestinians.

Read more at the Palestine Chronicle

OCHA And WHO Announce Israel’s Barriers Are Blocking Access To Hospitals

10 July 2010

On the sixth anniversary of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) demand that the Separation Barrier be re-routed and dismantled where it breaches Palestinian territory, The United Nation’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) have issued a new report condemning its impact on health and agriculture. New studies have shown movement restrictions are preventing access to East Jerusalem’s six specialist hospitals for staff and patients. The report also highlighted the difficulties for those living and working in the ‘seam zone’, the areas isolated by the Wall.

Read more at MEM

Tearing Down The Wall In Al-Ma’sara

10 July 2010

Israeli soldiers dragged the remnants of a symbolic wall from highway 3157 near Al Ma’sara today, halting a popular demonstration. Yesterday’s protest took place on the sixth anniversary of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling that construction of the Wall in Palestinian territory is illegal. Written and photographed by Kara Newhouse.

Gathering after noon prayers, around forty Palestinian, Israeli and international activists marched through the village chanting- "The wall must fall!", carrying a home-made wall constructed from iron and Styrofoam. The fake wall, decorated with stickers reading "The right to return is inalienable" measured four metres wide. The Separation Wall that Israel continues to build will be 760 km long when completed and could annex over 40% percent of West Bank land.


Gaza aid ship to dock in Egypt after Israel pressure

July 10 2010

The Amalthea in Lavrio, 9 July The Amalthea is carrying 2,000 tonnes of food, medicine and other items
A ship carrying supplies for the Gaza Strip will dock at el-Arish in Egypt, following Israeli pressure to stop the vessel breaking its blockade of the Palestinian territory.
The Moldovan-flagged ship chartered by a charity run by the son of Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi, was due to leave a Greek port on Saturday.

Read the BBC version here

Libyan aid ship set for Gaza voyage

July 10 2010

A Libyan-sponsored aid ship is preparing to sail to the blockaded Gaza Strip with tonnes of humanitarian goods, despite warnings from Israel that it reserved "the right under international law to prevent this ship" from reaching its destination.
The Moldovan-owned ship was being checked by Greek officials on Saturday before being allowed to leave the Lavrio Port, in southeastern Greece.

Read Aljazeera's version here

Cosmetic Easing In Gaza Keeps Hope On The ’Banned’ List

July 8 2010

As world leaders and
mainstream news outlets sing the praises of
Israel’s June 17 decision to ease its stranglehold blockade of the Gaza
Strip, there is little prospect of change for Palestinians living under
Previously banned consumer items such as toys, newspapers, spices, and
instant coffee are now passing through two of Gaza’s land border
crossings, but the seaports remain tightly closed, all exports are still
prohibited, and there is no sign of much-needed construction material.
Written by Michael Carpenter.

Read the article at Palestine Monitor


16-Year Old Arrested,
Fined After Being Shot By Settler

8 July 2010

On June 3, an Israeli settler shot Ibrahim Al-Biss
and his friend Moataz outside Al-Aroub camp. Three weeks later and only
one week after the 16-year-old left the hospital, Israeli police
detained the boy at Kiryat Arabat. After his father paid 1500 shekels to
release him, the police served Ibrahim with a military court order.
Written and photographed by Kara Newhouse.

Read more at Palestine Monitor

IDF Face New War Crimes Allegations: Children As Human Shields

6 July 2010

A new report issued today by human rights groups
in Israel accuses the army of using human shields during Operation Cast
Lead in Gaza last January. The Public Committee Against Torture in
Israel and Adalah have collected affidavits which reveal systemic,
illegal practises.

Read more at Palestine Monitor

Turkey 'warns Israel on ties'

July 6 2010

Turkey's foreign minister has reportedly said that diplomatic ties with Israel will be cut unless the country receives an apology over the deadly raid on the Gaza aid flotilla.
Two newspapers quoted Ahmet Davutoglu on Monday, but an unnamed Turkish government official appeared later to try and play down the comments saying that the minister's words had been misquoted.

Read the article at Aljazeera

Israel creates new Gaza 'blacklist'

July 5 2010

Israel has eased restrictions on the import of consumer goods to the Gaza Strip, relaxing its blockade on the Palestinian territory while maintaining restrictions on the entry of construction materials.
In a statement on Monday, Israel said all items would be allowed into Gaza except "weapons, war material and dual-use items".

Read the article at Aljazeera

Egypt Destroys 400 Gaza Tunnels

5 July 2010

Egypt has destroyed hundreds of Palestinian tunnels across its border with the Gaza Strip as part of the joint Israeli-Egyptian blockade of the enclave.
Egyptian authorities on Sunday announced that they have destroyed some 400 tunnels since the beginning of 2010 to counter what it alleges to be smuggling of goods and weapons, Ma'an news agency reported.

Read the article at The Palestine Chronicle

Gaza Children at Grave Malnutrition Risk

5 July 2010

Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip is associated with long-term damage to Palestinians' health, placing their children at risk of stunted growth or malnutrition.
Latest figures have revealed that more than 1,400 individuals were killed and many more were injured during the Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip between December 2008 and January 2009.

Read the article at The Palestine Chronicle

Barghouthi: Jerusalem Master Plan To Erase Palestinian Existence From The City

29 June 2010

Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi, Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative strongly condemned the new Master plan, which is set to be approved by the Jerusalem District Planning and Building Committee. The document calls for the expansion of Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem, on privately owned Arab property.

Read the entire article here

World Tired of Us: Israeli Minister

2 July 2010

Israeli Minister of Trade, Industry and Labor, Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, says the world is tired of Israel and that Israel, rather than the Gaza Strip, is actually blockaded.

Read it all here

UK Church Boycotts Israel WB Products

1 July 2010

A UK church has unanimously voted to boycott Israeli products in a show of protest against Tel Aviv's illegal settlements on Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank.
The Methodist Church of Britain on Wednesday announced a decision to boycott Israeli-produced goods and services from the West Bank because of Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories which "a majority of governments recognize... as illegitimate under international law," The Jerusalem Post reported.

Read it all here

Israel arrests Hamas MP

30 June 2010

Israeli police have arrested a Hamas MP for refusing to comply with an order expelling him from Jerusalem, police said.
Mohammed Abu Teir was one of four senior Hamas officials that Israel has been trying to expel in recent weeks, sparking concern among Arabs in the city about their rights as residents.

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Outcry over Silwan demolition plan

June 24 2010

The Palestinian village of Silwan clings to a steep hillside facing the southern walls of Jerusalem's Old City.
In the valley below, Al Bustan neighbourhood stretches out in the shadow of Haram al-Sharif, also known as the Temple Mount. It is a setting rich in meaning for Muslims, Jews and Christians.

Read more at Aljazeera  Aljazeera

Israeli officer cancels a trip to London for fear of arrest

Friday, 02 July 2010

An Israeli newspaper has revealed today, 2 July, that a senior officer in the Israeli Army has cancelled a trip to London for fear that he might be arrested in connection with war crimes against the Palestinian people.

Read more at MEM

Israel demolishing Palestinians' homes

In the area surrounding the Old City of East Jerusalem, Palestinians are being handed eviction notices on a daily basis.

Watch the video at Aljazeera  Aljazeera

Erdogan: Never a 'yes' man


In his autobiography 'In Search of Identity 'Anwar Sadat recalled that he used to travel from his remote village to cosmopolitan Cairo as a poor child and jump into the royal gardens by night to steal oranges, only to be beaten by the king's guards.

He never imagined that one day he would walk through the palace gates to greet King Farouk I as an officer in the Egyptian army. He never imagined - not in his wildest dreams - that one day he would walk through the same gates to sit on the king's throne after he became president of republican Egypt in 1970.

The game of fate is a strange one indeed, which British statesman Winston Churchill once described: "It is a mistake to look too far ahead. Only one link in the chain of destiny can be handled at a time."


Read more at Aljazeera

West Bank poverty 'worse than Gaza'

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Poverty is worse close to illegal settlements in the West Bank, Save the Children says.
Children living in the poorest parts of the West Bank face significantly worse conditions than their counterparts in Gaza, a study conducted by an international youth charity has found.
The report by Save the Children UK, due to be released on Wednesday, says that families forced from their homes in the West Bank are suffering the effects of grinding poverty, often lacking food, medicine and humanitarian assistance.

Read more at Aljazeera

The Roots of Israeli Exceptionalism

Monday, June 28, 2010

Aggression immersed in victimhood is a striking reality of the Israeli discourse.
An American academic once told me: "Many people in the Islamic world think America does not believe in human rights, but they are wrong; America believes in human rights indeed, the problem is the American definition of human."
In other words: the American definition of 'human' is not a universal one. This is not purely an American characteristic; every culture faces the challenge of broadening its cultural limits and universalising its moral norms.

Read more at Aljazeera

7,300 Palestinians in Israeli Jails


7,300 Palestinians, including 17 legislators and two former ministers, are currently detained in about 20 Israeli prisons, a report says.
Hundreds of them have never been charged or put on trial.
Among the detained are 33 women, nearly 300 children, 296 administrative detainees, and dozens of political leaders, Palestinian researcher Abdul Nasser Farawna said in a report issued on Monday.
Farawana, who specializes in detainee affairs, said that 1,500 of them are ill and need urgent medical attention and dozens need surgeries and hospitalization, but no action has been taken by the Israeli authorities.

Read the story at the Palestine Monitor

UN blasts razing of Jerusalem homes

The UN secretary general has criticised municipal authorities in Israel for pressing ahead with a plan to raze Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem, calling it illegal.

Ban Ki-moon's office said on Wednesday that he was "concerned about the decision by the Jerusalem municipality to advance planning for house demolitions and further settlement activity in the area of Silwan".

Read more at Aljazeera

Sweden to boycott Israeli cargo

— Swedish dockworkers are set to launch a week-long boycott of Israeli
ships and goods to protest Monday's takeover of a Gaza-destined aid
flotilla, a union spokesman said Saturday.

Nine activists died
after IDF troops intercepted the convoy. Nearly 700 activists had
joined that operation, most of them aboard the lead boat from Turkey
that was the scene of the violence.

Read more at the Jerusalem Post

Oakland Demonstration Hailed A Success For BDS

The Freedom flotilla, whilst unsuccessful in reaching its destination, raised an important message along with its sails: that the siege on Gaza must end. Now, through the efforts of international solidarity campaigns and Trade Unions, Israel’s own ships are being used to raise protests against Israel’s blockade.

In the early hours of Monday morning, more than 800 Oakland protesters gathered to prevent the docking of a cargo ship operated by Israeli shipping company Zim. With a decision made that two shifts of longshoremen workers would not cross the picket line, leaving nobody to unload the ship until the following day, the demonstration was declared a success. According to organizer, Richard Becker “The Labour/Community Committee in Solidarity with the Palestinian People, formed just 10 days before this action, set a goal of stopping work on the Zim ship for a full day and succeeded in doing so".

Read more at Palestine Monitor

Deadly Israeli air raid on Gaza

in Gaza have retrieved the bodies of two Palestinians killed in Israeli
air raids on the Gaza Strip, the Associated Press news agency has
reported. An
Israeli army spokesperson confirmed the overnight strikes targeting
what they said were two smuggling tunnels on the Rafah border near
Egypt, and an alleged weapons storage facility on the northern Gaza

Read more at Aljazeera


Torture Of Palestinian Child Prisoners "Widespread And Institutionalised"

This week a DCI (Defence For Children
International) report found that Palestinian children are still
routinely tortured under Israeli custody. The document, based on
hundreds of sworn, independent affidavits, has been submitted to the UN
Committee Against Torture.

Each year around 700 Palestinian children are arrested, interrogated
and prosecuted in the Israeli military court system. From 100
testimonies, from different age groups and locations, DCI found that
69% were beaten or kicked and 81% made forced confessions during
interrogations, which would commonly take place with the prisoner
blindfolded and handcuffed. 32% signed confessions in Hebrew.

Read more at the Palestinian Monitor

Time to end, not 'ease' the siege

The visit by Amr Moussa, the secretary-general of the Arab League,
to Gaza is the first serious attempt by an Arab official to break the
Israeli-imposed siege on the tiny Strip.
It took a war, the
lives of 1,400 Palestinians, and nine Turks, killed during a lethal
Israeli interception of an aid flotilla, for Arab states to finally
move against the blockade. There is no doubt that the visit will send an important message to
the international community that the siege can no longer be tolerated.

Endorsing collective punishment
Popular fury in the Arab world and beyond, triggered by the Israeli attack on the Mavi Marmara, has spurred American and European leaders to call for an easing of the Gazan population's continued suffering.


Nabi Saleh village Protest The Israeli Wall, One Israeli Activist Injured

Ghassan Bannoura – PNN - Israeli and international activists joined the villagers of Nabi Saleh , central West Bank, on Friday to protest the wall Israel’s is building on villagers lands
ImagePeople marched after the midday prayers at the local mosque and headed towards homes the Israeli military have threatened to demolish this week.
The Israeli military ordered the demolition of five homes at the village of Al Nabi Saleh on Thursday. The military clams that the five homes are built without needed permission from the army. All five homes were built 15 years ago, villagers reported. The village of Al Nabi Saleh is the location of weekly Friday anti wall protest; anti wall protests started earlier this year.

Read more here

Iranian Ship Depart To Gaza, Israel Investigate The Flotilla Attack

The head of “Defending the Palestinian Nation” Iranian Organization, Mohamed Ali Nurani, announced that an Iranian aid ship will depart on Friday towards Gaza.
ImageAli Nurani told the Iranian state Arabic speaking TV, Al Alaam, that the ship will be loaded with medical, food and construction supplies to the 1.5 million Gazans living under Israeli siege since 2006.  Also on board the ship there will be a delegation of Doctors, Athletes, University students and parliamentarians, Ali Nurani announced.
On Thursday he head of Free Palestine Movement, Yasser Qashlaq, announced that the Freedom Flotilla two could include up to 50 ships. Qashlaq said that a ship organized by Journalists Without Borders will depart from Lebanon to Gaza within a week. There will be journalists, members of Free Palestine Movement, and other peace activists onboard the ship.

Read more here

Israeli Police Kill A Palestinian Man In East Jerusalem

Jerusalem – PNN - Zyiad Al Jolani, 40 years old, was shot and killed on Friday afternoon by Israeli police at Wadi Al Joz neighborhood of East Jerusalem.
Al Jolani was evacuated to a Palestinian hospital in Jerusalem; he died upon arrival to the ER room, doctors reported.
The Israeli police said that they shot the man after he tried to run two police officers down with his car. According to Israeli police report the man tried to flee the scene on foot, officers shot him after he refused to stop running. Two officers were slightly hurt in the attack, the Israeli police added.
Residents of Wadi Al Joz , a Palestinian dominated neighborhood of East Jerusalem , say Israeli border police officers opened fire at their homes killing Al Jolani while at his home. Officers claimed that local teenagers hurled stones at them, the resident told local media.

Read more here

srael plans to send bill to Palestinians over boycotts

What do The Pixies, Elvis Costello, and Salam Fayyad, Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, have in common? A cursory glance might suggest not much yet all have deeply irked Israel.

When Mr Fayyad first embarked on a door-to-door campaign to persuade Palestinians to shun all products made by Jewish settlers, the Israeli public simply shrugged. But when veteran crooner Costello peered into his conscience and pulled a scheduled appearance in Tel Aviv, Israelis sat up and took notice.

Read more here

Starbucks the target of Arab boycott for its growing links to Israel

Across five Arab states a new and closely co-ordinated campaign to boycott American goods is being launched, with Starbucks coffee shops their primary target, but with Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson and Burger King outlets also on the list. In Beirut today, activists will be leafleting outside the city's four Starbucks shops, detailing the pro-Israeli sentiments of its chief executive, Howard Shultz, and claiming he is "an active Zionist".

Read more here

Robert Fisk: The truth behind the Israeli propaganda

I have, of course, been outraged at armed men boarding ships in international waters, killing passengers on board who attempt to resist and then forcing their ship to the hijackers' home port. I am, of course, talking about the Somali pirates who are preying on Western ships in the Indian Ocean. How dare those terrorists dare to touch our unarmed vessels on the high seas? And how right we are to have our warships there to prevent such terrorist acts.

Read more here

The real story from Mavi Marmara: They were shooting to kill

The Israeli massacre of unarmed campaigners aboard a ship carrying aid to Gaza is the "Sharpeville and Soweto of the Movement for Palestinian Solidarity," one of those who survived the bloodthirsty assault has said.

Read more here

Robert Fisk: Power to change

If America can't broker peace in the Middle East, is it time for the Russians to step in? They have a long history with the region – and aren't hobbled by an Israeli lobby

Thursday, 27 May 2010

I've always claimed that somewhere across the Atlantic – or perhaps somewhere over the Mediterranean – there lies a geopolitical fault line, perhaps a screen or curtain, through which the loveable old West (once called Christendom) sees the Middle East, and then misinterprets all it observes. An Iranian offer of peaceably resolving its nuclear program becomes a threat and a cause for sanctions. Forthcoming elections in Egypt are seen as another step towards democracy rather than further one-party rule by an 81-year old dictator.

Read the entire article at the Independent

Troops Attack Villagers Of Nabi Saleh And Injure One

Ramallah- PNN- one civilian were injured dozens suffered tear gas inhalation as Israeli troops attacked on Friday the villagers of Nabi Saleh anti wall protest in central West Bank.

Read more here

Aid convoy sets off for Gaza

The blockade on Gaza has resulted in impoverished living conditions for its 1.5m inhabitants.
The biggest attempt by international aid groups to break the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip has gotten underway.
Nine ships under the banner, Freedom Flotilla, began their journey to Gaza on Saturday, despite warnings from Israel that they will be stopped for "breaching Israeli law".
The vessels are carrying 5,000 tonnes of reconstruction materials, school supplies and medical equipment.

Read more at Aljazeera

Two Civilians Injured As Troops Attack Wall Protest Near Bethlehem

Ghassan Bannoura – PNN - Two Palestinian civilians were injured another two arrested by Israeli soldiers during the weekly anti wall protest in Al Ma’ssara village near Bethlehem, southern West Bank.

Read more here

Noam Chomsky: Israel Behaves Like “Stalinist Regime”
17.05.10 - 21:29

Ramallah – PNN - The Israeli military denied entry, the American linguist and  philosopher, to the West Bank on Sunday after detaining him at the borders for three hours.
Chomsky, of Jewish roots and a lecturer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was invited by Bir Zeit University, one of the largest Palestinian universities located in central West Bank.
Chomsky was going to do three lectures “America and the world," "America at home," and “Palestine in America” as part of the Palestinian commemoration of the Nakba.

Read more at PNN

Israeli settler 'kills Palestinian'

A Palestinian teenager has been shot dead by an Israeli settler in the occupied West Bank, witnesses and activists said.

The settler opened fire after Palestinian youths threw stones at his car travelling along Route 60 in Mazra'a al-Sharqia, east of Ramallah.

The Popular Struggle Co-ordination Committee activist group said that Aysar al-Zaben was not involved in the stone throwing, but was tending his family's land when he was shot.

Read more at Aljazeera

Norman Finkelstein: Too Far This Time
Palestine Monitor
5 May 2010

GRITtv recently featured "American Radical: The Trials of Norman Finkelstein", a documentary about scholar and professor Finkelstein’s struggles with the larger intellectual community and the US’s Israel policy.

Finkelstein joined GRITtv to talk about the film, the current state of U.S./Israel relations, and his new book. Published by Or Books, This Time We Went Too Far explores the possibility that the December 2008 invasion of Gaza has caused a significant shift in the international community—including the American Jewish community—opinion of Israel.

Israel's dog and pony show

I recently jumped at the chance to take an all expenses paid helicopter
ride over Israel and part of the West Bank.

The trip was courtesy
of The Israel Project (TIP) which describes itself as a non-profit,
non-partisan group working to impact world opinion for the sake of
Israel's security.

The helicopter ride is meant as an
"educational tour" for journalists and was inspired by George Bush, the
former US president, who took a similar ride and reportedly said it
opened his eyes to just how vulnerable Israel is.

Read more here

New players in the Middle East?

A conference organised by the Carnegie endowment in the Lebanese capital
Beirut has been focusing on what the world's major powers can or should
do to confront issues in the Middle East.

Has the US-led
Palestinian-Israeli peace initiative run its course? Could China and
Russia play a role in creating a more stable region?

In recent
months, Russia has hosted Palestinian leaders from both Fatah and Hamas,
as well as a state visit by Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime

Does this flurry of diplomatic activity signal greater
Russian involvement in dealing with the Palestinian-Israeli conflict?

Read more here

Holiday over for Israel as Obama lays down the law

RAMALLAH // Israel went back to work yesterday after a holiday season that has disrupted most of April.
ImageFor the Israeli coalition government, however, that return is probably even less welcome than to everyone else, with the country expected to come up with answers to US probing over a peace process with the Palestinians.

Barack Obama, the US president, is widely understood to have requested, even demanded, a number of gestures from Israel in order to get a peace process with the Palestinians back on track. These reportedly include a freeze on settlement building in East Jerusalem, an extension to the partial settlement construction freeze elsewhere in occupied territory, and a withdrawal of troops to pre-September 2000 positions in the West Bank.

Read more at PNN

Israeli military dubs settler clash 'intolerable'

Israel's military has dubbed as "intolerable" what it described as a "riot" by settlers in the West Bank.
ImageThe military said about 100 settlers threw rocks and attacked soldiers as they tried to stop the settlers entering a Palestinian village.
One soldier was injured in the face by a thrown bottle.
Residents of the settlement of Yitzhar were quoted by Israeli media as saying the soldiers harrassed them as they tried to visit the area.
Israeli citizens from the area of Yitzhar tried to enter the nearby village of Madma in the northern West Bank on Tuesday evening, the military said in a statement.
Soldiers tried to set up a military zone, but more settlers arrived and pelted them with rocks, it said.

Read more at PNN

Israeli Arab brothers win payout for El Al ‘abuse’ in New York

Two Israeli Arab brothers have won US$8,000 (Dh29,000) in damages from Israel’s national carrier, El Al, after a court found that their treatment by the company’s security staff at a New York airport had been “abusive and unnecessary”.
ImageAbdel Wahab and Abdel Aziz Shalabi were assigned a female security guard who watched over them at the airport’s departure gate for nearly two hours, in full view of hundreds of fellow passengers, after they had passed the security and baggage checks.

Read more at PNN

Clashes as settlers march in Israel

Palestinian protesters and Israeli security forces have clashed after Jewish settlers marched in the Arab neighbourhood of Silwan in East Jerusalem.
The rightwing settlers, who staged the march on Sunday, want Palestinians removed from the area and their homes pulled down.
Al Jazeera's Jacky Rowland in Silwan said the demonstration was "extremely small" and that it was "difficult to measure the size of the impact".

Read more at Aljazeera

In the Name of Zionism

By Uri Avnery - Israel

Israel is a Zionist State. Everybody knows that.
There is no (Jewish) politician in Israel who misses an opportunity to repeat this.
Last week, when we celebrated the 62nd Independence Day, we were flooded by a deluge of patriotic speeches. Each of the Ciceros, without exception, declared his total commitment to Zionism.
By the way, when it comes to the Zionist character of Israel, there is complete agreement on this between the leaders of Israel and their enemies. The Iranian big-mouth declares at every opportunity his conviction that the “Zionist regime” will disappear. Arabs who refuse to utter the name of Israel speak about the “Zionist entity”. Hamas and Hizbullah condemn the “Zionist enemy”.

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Gazan says he was deported under new Israeli rules

A Palestinian prisoner has blamed a controversial new Israeli military order on deportations for his release to Gaza, not the West Bank.
Ahmad Sabah, 40, freed on Wednesday, has a Gaza ID card, but lived in the West Bank when arrested in 2001.
The Israeli military said in a statement that his release to the Gaza Strip was standard procedure.

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Israel order raises eviction risk.

A new Israeli
military policy could result in the eviction of tens of thousands of
Palestinians from the occupied West Bank, or face criminal charges,
Israel's Haaretz newspaper says.
Amendments to the
existing 1969 order on preventing infiltration could apply to
Palestinians living in the West Bank without official ID cards issued
by Israel, the daily said on Sunday.

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Israeli groups fight orders allowing army to jail West Bank residents

Israeli human rights campaigners claim Palestinians or foreigners could be labelled infiltrators

Israel's leading human rights
groups are trying to stop two new Israeli military orders which will
make any resident of the occupied West Bank who does not have an
Israeli-issued permit liable for deportation or jail.

The new
Order Regarding Prevention of Infiltration and Order Regarding Security
Provisions, which comes into force on Tuesday have "severe
ramifications," the rights groups say. Palestinians, and any foreigners
living in the West Bank, could be labelled infiltrators and deported
within 72 hours or jailed for seven years if they are found without the
correct permit. It does not define what Israel considers a valid permit.

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Israel gagging order on ex-soldier case condemned.

Campaigning organisations have called for the lifting of an Israeli media ban on the case of a former soldier.
Anat Kam, 23, is said to be under investigation for
various security offences, including leaking classified military
information.Ms Kam is alleged to have obtained documents concerning apparently extra-judicial killings of Palestinian militants. She has reportedly been under house arrest since December.

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Israel arrests 'organ traffickers'

Six Israelis, including a retired Israeli army general, are reported to
have been detained on suspicion of running an international organ
trafficking ring.

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Israeli air raids wound children

Three Palestinian children have been wounded after Israeli planes and helicopters launched a string of air attacks on the Gaza Strip overnight. The Israelis claimed that the air raids were in response to rocket
fire from Gaza, but Hamas which runs the Palestinian enclave blamed the
Israelis for the escalating tensions.

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Palestinian Land Day: It's their Land

It is Their Land and it's all about The Land!

“Land Day” commemorates the killing of six Palestinians, 96 wounded and 300
arrested on March 30, 1976, in the Galilee. The anticipated peaceful
demonstration by Palestinians was a response to Israeli authorities
that had announced the confiscation of 5,500 acres of their land which
Israel classified as "closed military zones" for “security and
settlement purposes.”

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Israeli troops kill Palestinian boy

A 15-year-old
Palestinian boy has been killed and several others injured near Gaza's
border with Israel after Israeli troops opened fire at Israeli Arabs
and Palestinians protesters marking the "Land day".

Witnesses said Mohamed al-Farmawi was shot dead on Tuesday after he approached the fence along the border with Israel.

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Gaza war fuels UK arms review call

A committee of
British members of parliament has called for a review of future arms
sales after it emerged that components supplied by Britain to Israel
were highly likely to have been used during the war on Gaza last year.

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British government expulsion of Israeli diplomat does not go far enough

The British Government announced earlier today that it is to expel a
senior Israeli diplomat following the assassination of Mahmoud al
Mabhouh in January, generally believed to have been carried out by
Israel's secret service, Mossad. Foreign Secretary David Miliband has
called Israel's "mishandling" of British passports "intolerable".

welcomes this development. However, many feel that this does not go far
enough given the gravity of the crimes that have been committed.

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Mauritania Cuts Diplomatic Ties With Israel

Mauritania's Secretary of Foreign Affairs has announced that the
country has completely severed diplomatic relations with Israel in
completion of a process that began last year.

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Israeli raid strikes Gaza tunnel

Israeli fighter
jets have struck southern part of the Gaza Strip in an overnight raid,
targeting what the Israeli military said was an arms smuggling tunnel.

The aircraft attacked a tunnel on the Rafah sector on the border with Egypt, but no one was injured, witnesses said on Monday.

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Two Palestinians shot dead

Two Palestinians have been shot dead by Israeli troops in the West Bank.

Palestinian medical sources confirmed the deaths on Sunday to Al Jazeera, saying that they had been told to collect two bodies.

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US Citizen Shot and Injured Near Ramallah

Demonstrations in An Nabi Saleh turned violent today as US
citizen Ellen Stark, 20, was shot with a rubber bullet from less than
12 feet away. The rubber bullet became lodged in Stark’s arm, breaking
it and requiring surgical care.

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UN chief says Gaza suffering under Israeli blockade

The UN chief has said Israel's blockade of Gaza is causing "unacceptable suffering," during a Middle East visit to reinvigorate the peace process.
Ban Ki-moon told Gazans that "we stand with you" as he visited an area damaged by Israel's offensive 14 months ago.

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Israeli warplanes raid besieged Gaza

Israeli warplanes launched a series of raids at dawn on Friday 19
March, in various areas across the Gaza Strip. The raids happened hours
after a foreign worker was killed in Ashkelon by homemade rockets that
were fired in reaction to the siege on Jerusalem by Israeli forces.
Israeli F-16s launched missiles into populated Palestinian areas,
causing extensive damage to a family owned metal workshop on Salah
al-Din Street in Gaza City. No casualties were reported.

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Isn't it time for America to re-evaluate its "special relationship" with Israel?


1. Introduction: A call for the normalisation of relations.

A mere eleven minutes after Israel declared its independence in 1948, US
President Harry Truman recognised the newly created state.  That
instantaneous public support has never really wavered and ever since
then the two countries have shared a "special relationship",
one that is unlike any other. America has stood by Israel through thick
and thin; right or wrong; supporting it on all fronts: financially,
politically, diplomatically and militarily. However, many observers
have for a long time now believed that this has become a toxic
association, ...

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UN humanitarian chief criticises Israel over Gaza

The UN's top humanitarian official, John Holmes, has criticised Israel for linking the 2006 capture of an Israeli soldier to its blockade of Gaza.

Mr Holmes also said Israeli actions in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, including expanding settlements, was counter to the peace process.

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Israel to build more settler homes.

Israel has given the green light for the building of 112 new homes in a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank despite a partial moratorium on such construction.

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NY Times' Jerusalem property makes it protagonist in Palestine conflict

During an appearance at Vassar College in early February, controversial New York Times Jerusalem bureau chief Ethan Bronner was asked about the ongoing evictions of Palestinian families from homes in East Jerusalem which Israel occupied in 1967. Israeli courts have ruled that Jewish settlers could take over some Palestinian homes on the grounds that Jews held title to the properties before Israel was established in 1948.Israeli apartheid week.

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A controversial campaign in the Western world links Israel's treatment of Palestinians to the treatment of blacks in apartheid South Africa.

It is called Israeli apartheid week.

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Gaza still on a knife-edge, one year on from the war.

A year after the war in Gaza, the guns are relatively quiet, most of the time.

A de facto ceasefire between Israel and Hamas has held. But the conflict is still there, and if anything it is keener. Until its fundamentals are tackled - and there's no sign of that happening - another big outbreak of violence between the two sides will only ever be one serious incident away.

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Sunday 23/01/10
“Thieves Go Home – Sheikh Jarakh is Palestine!”

Every one of those who came took into account that he could be arrested and held in detention for at least a day.

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WaPo: Checkpoint misery epitomizes a Mideast divide

Washington Post from the Qalandia crossing:

The journey to Jerusalem, for tens of thousands of Palestinians, begins in a dank, trash-strewn hangar.

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Israel to build new settlement

Israel has plans to
build another 600 settler housing units on occupied land in East
Jerusalem, according to the Jewish nation's Haaretz newspaper.

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