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Below is the text of an example letter used to raise the Veolia issue with Edinburgh City Council  that Anna provided. Use this for ideas to help you compose your own letter for your council. does not like multiple users copying and pasting the same letter so please at least modify a small part of the text. The BIG campaign link below provides some very useful and up to date information about the campaign.

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Dear Councillors Elliot-Cannon, Milligan, Coleman and Wilson,


As my local councillor I urge you to take all possible steps to ensure that Edinburgh City Council follow Dublin, Swansea and other city councils around the world and:

a) exclude Veolia Environnement or any of its subsidiaries - Veolia Transport, Veolia Environmental Services, Veolia Water, Onyx, Cleanaway, Connex , TMM - from all Edinburgh City Council contracts.

b) cancel contracts and/or ad-hoc arrangements that are in place to use services provided by Veolia Environnement or any of its subsidiaries.

Veolia, by providing services to illegal settlements in Occupied Palestinian land, is complicit in grave breaches of international law committed by Israel. Veolia:

  • is involved in the development of a tramway line in illegally Occupied East Jerusalem, linking illegal settlements in Occupied Palestinian Territory;

  • operates in illegally Occupied Palestinian Territory, servicing settler bus routes, on roads built on stolen Palestinian land and access effectively denied to Palestinians in the Occupied West Bank;

  • operates a 33 hectare landfill site, the Tovlan landfill, in illegally Occupied Palestinian Territory, servicing the occupier and dumping waste on the occupied.

I believe that it would be immoral for Edinburgh Council to have any commercial relationship with this company. On the contrary, Edinburgh Council should follow the commendable example set by Dublin City Council and Swansea Council and refuse to sign or renew any contracts with Veolia while the company is complicit in Israel's illegal occupation of Palestinian territory.

I look forward to your response on this matter.

Yours sincerely,





If you take a look at Ahava’s web site, you can read about the company’s environmentally responsible practices: “Our manufacturing processes are non-polluting and environmentally conscious. No animals are involved in testing phases and all of our products are encased in recyclable tubes, bottles and jars.” Ahava’s spokeswoman is fresh-faced Sex & The City actress Kristin Davis, whose commitment to doing good is evidenced by her status as an Oxfam Goodwill Ambassador and her position on the advisory board of The Masai Wilderness Conservation Fund. On the Ahava site, Davis is quoted as saying, “My personal beliefs, which include treating both animals and the environment with respect, are equally important to AHAVA.”


If you navigate around the web site you will see pristine images of the Dead Sea, enticing products with beautifully designed labels, and a photo of a water lily leaf with the caption, “This leaf has nothing to hide.” But, unfortunately, Ahava does have something to hide—an ugly secret about its relationship to a brutal occupation. The Hebrew word “Ahava” means love, but there is nothing loving about what the company is doing in the Palestinian territory of the West Bank. Ahava is an Israeli profiteer exploiting the natural resources of occupied Palestine.

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