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We are sorry to inform you that Friday's planned talk on "The Palestine-Israel Question and its Effects on UK Free Speech" is cancelled due to bereavement in the speaker's family.  We hope to re-arrange the event at a later date.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.


The Palestine-Israel question and its Effects on UK Free Speech with Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi.
Naomi will explore how Israel and its ‘friends’ are promoting confusion about anti-
Semitism to silence criticism of Israel's behaviour in Palestine.  This strategy is
dangerous as it threatens free speech here in the UK, and undermines the United
Nations Declaration on human rights, with serious potential consequences for
Naomi is media officer for Jewish Voice for Labour and executive producer of the
film Witchhunt.
She was a journalist with Reuters for many years before re-
training as a teacher, working as a primary school literary specialist until retirement
in 2017.  A lifelong campaigner for social justice and human rights, she has played
an active role in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement to hold
Israel to account for the injustices perpetrated against Palestinians.

St Nicolas Church,
Bury Street, Guildford GU2 4AW

Friday June 7th, 2019  -  7.30pm

This event was originally advertised with Glyn Secker. Sorry for any confusion.

Traditional Handicrafts Co-operative

Saturday 9 March 2019, 3.00pm
St Mary’s Church, The Street, Frensham GU10 3EA

The Women of Hebron co-operative provides work for women in the Idna district of Hebron in the occupied West Bank.  The women produce beautiful hand-woven and hand-embroidered traditional rugs, cushion covers and other handicrafts, which they sell in the Old Hebron market.  The initiative creates work and hope for some 120 women and their families in a city which is frequently at the centre of tensions and violence. 
Laila Hasan, co-founder of the co-operative, will be speaking about their work and achievements as a form of grassroots, peaceful resistance to occupation and oppression.  There will also be the opportunity to purchase some of these lovely artisan products.


We heard a deeply moving account of life for ordinary Palestinian families in Hebron from our speaker Laila Hasan from the Women in Hebron cooperative at our public meeting in Frensham on Saturday afternoon,

The Experience of Palestinians Under Occupation

All are welcome to an open meeting to be held by The West Surrey Palestine Solidarity Campaign and
The Justice & Peace Group of the Catholic Parish of Guildford.

Tim and Mayonne Coldicott describe what they have discovered about the state of mental health of Palestinians
coping with the effects of occupation on their children, their family cohesion and communal identity.

They invite us to consider how civil society in Britain can support the human rights of all peoples of Palestine.

St Pius Church
Laustan Close, Merrow
7.30pm Friday February 15