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The US, arguing that unilateralism is misguided, hypocritically plans to veto Palestinian statehood at the UN.

Neve Gordon and Yinon Cohen Last Modified: 20 Sep 2011 10:02


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This article about Anna's house rebuilding trip to Palestine was published in the Godalming and Cranleigh edition of the Surrey Advertiser, June 18 2011.

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Susan Lourenco of Machsom Watch gave an excellent talk to a well attended public meeting in Guildford on Tuesday evening.

There was great interaction from the audience with many interesting questions. Susan emphasized that their role was to be the eyes and ears at the checkpoints(Machsom), and to keep a record of what they see and hear. Daily reports from their observations are posted on their website in English and Hebrew. It is entirely a voluntary organisation. See for details of these. One person asked if she was ever scared when carrying out these observations. Her reply was that the settlers scare her, not the army.

Susan believes that she is starting to see a change in attitude from the younger generation, that of her grand children, in the fact that they are becoming more politically aware of the issues surrounding the illegal occupation of the Palestinian Territories - a glimmer of hope!


Israeli Human Rights Activist speaking in Guildford.

Woman Against Occupation & For Human Rights

Susan Lourenco, producer of the documentary film, Kalandia: a checkpoint story,  will report on her work with Machsom Watch on

Tuesday, July 5th at 7.30pm, St Nicolas Church Hall, Guildford.

The peace movement Machsom Watch is a group of Israeli women, peace activists from all sectors of Israeli society, who oppose the Israeli occupation and the denial of Palestinians' rights to move freely in their land. Since 2001, they have conducted daily observations ofIsraeli army checkpointsin the West Bank, along the separation wall and beyond where Palestinians are often harassed and humiliated.

“In order to ease the Palestinian suffering to which we are witness at the checkpoints every day, we try to provide ad hoc assistance to the extent that it is possible.”

Susan Lourenco has volunteered for the Machsom Watch organization for seven years, so she is familiar with virtually every checkpoint in the West Bank. Susan, and many other volunteers, station themselves at checkpoints practically every day.

“We work to explain to the Israeli public what happens at the checkpoints, which are one of the symbols of the occupation, and that the checkpoints are not meant to protect Israeli citizens, but rather the settlers, so that they can continue to control the land."

Read more about Machsom Watch at:

Read an interview with Susan Lourenco in Haaretz, one of Israel's leading newspapers, at: