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Hilary Ruqia John and George did this at 2pm in a pedestrian area of the main commercial mall, brought a few placards. Many leaflets were passed. Some interesting incidents:

Two security men from nearby shops asked us to move out of the canopy by their shops - we moved about 3 m. Hilary had a conversation with a young man, he left ... came back and tore up the placard she was holding before anybody could intervene then ran away. John and sympathetic passers-by gave chase but he escaped. Hilary with great sangfroid continued her work. A man of about 30 with an Israeli accent approached George, read the leaflet, said he was on the opposite side, did we have a licence? G told him it was not necessary for leafleting. He then rushed off waving a mobile “to call the police”, but never came back. John thinks it may be the same person who tackled him too on similar terms.

A man who had a stall by us said he would be very happy to have some leaflets available for his shop, so we supplied him.