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West Surrey PSC would like to place a bulk order for books, which we can then offer at a reduced price of £15 per book (usual price £20) and they would be signed by the author.  If you would like to purchase a copy of the book, please place an order with us via email reply by Friday 30 September. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Facebook users can join the Iyad Burnat - Bilin and the Nonviolent Resistance group at the link below:

Below is a message from Iyad:

Subsequent to my update yesterday regarding my failed visa application; which I will be appealing, I was wondering if you would be able to support me with the following? In anticipation of my book tour that documents our experiences in Bil’in; I arranged for 2000 copies to be printed; which I hoped to sell at my talks and settle the printing cost on my return from my tour. Unfortunately, given the UKs unfair decision to deny me a visa, I have been placed in a difficult financial position and I wondered if any of you would be so kind as to support me by purchasing ahead of what I hope will be a future book tour, a copy of my signed book and sharing this request with any appropriate, interested people you might know. The books are £20 each; however, should they be purchased in batches of 10 they will be £15 each and it might be that some might like to purchase some for their respective groups. It is difficult to express how disappointed I am that I will not be visiting the UK in the next couple of weeks, but am confident that with support from yourselves I will be successful in my next application. Many thanks for your solidarity as always, without which it would be impossible to move forward in our quest for freedom.


We have just been informed that Iyad Burnat, who was to talk about his book on non-violent resistance to the Separation Wall at our meeting this coming Monday, has still not been issued with a UK visa and will therefore be unable to travel to the UK in time for Monday's meeting unfortunately.  This is just one example of the daily challenges faced by Palestinians.  We very much regret having to disappoint everyone who was looking forward to hearing him speak and hope that he might still be able to visit Guildford at a future date.

We shall still be holding a public meeting as planned at the same time and venue (7.30 pm at St Nicholas Church Hall, Bury Street, Guildford).  There are two excellent documentary films about the non-violent struggle by villages in the West Bank against the building of the Wall through their land.  We shall show one of these films after consulting with the audience about their preference.

We hope that you will be able to join us for the film-showing and subsequent discussion.  There will also be the opportunity to purchase some Palestinian produce: olive oil, dates, almonds, maftoul, za'atar etc.


Iyad Burnat and Saher Vardi
Monday 19 September:
7.30 pm at St Nicolas Church Centre in Guildford
Monday 26 September:     
8.00 pm at the United Church, Godalming 
We hope that you are able to join us at these events.

Earlier this year FIFA said it is “fully committed to respecting human rights” and placed human rights at the heart of their statutes. It is time for FIFA to put this into practice and take action against Israel for its continued destruction of Palestinian communities and their denial of rights to Palestinians. Israeli racism should be kicked out of international football.

You might be interested in a concert at the Royal Festival Hall at 7.30 pm on Monday 1 August where the Palestine Youth Orchestra will be playing a repertoire of some Western but mainly Arabic music.
Being equally at home with Western and Arabic repertoire, the PYO maintains a unique position amongst youth orchestras internationally.Following successful tours in France and Oman, they perform music by Beethoven, the pop-inspired Metal by British composer Graham Fitkin, songs by legendary Arab singers Fairuz and Um Kelthoum, and Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition.