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In September 2014, four members leafleted in Commercial Way. The Customer Satisfaction Manager of WS, Mr de Grauw, came and said we could not leaflet there without prior permission. After he left, two private security guards hired for a food fair arrived. One tried to seize a placard, a form of physical assault, and claimed he had authority to do so . We resisted. They refused to call the Police. Then somebody came whom they described as their boss (Mr Marshall of Woking Council) and we retreated. A member of the public had witnessed this and phoned the Police. The Police found us and said the guards had no right to act as they had done and that our material was not offensive. They confirmed it later after checking with the Council. In subsequent discussions with Mr Marshall, he apologised for the behaviour of the guards and confirmed we did have the right to leaflet there. We agreed an informal procedure by 3 December so that, through him, the Police and WS would be notified in advance of our future leafleting plans to make sure there were no conflicting events.
We followed that procedure in advance to advise that we proposed to leaflet on Jubilee Square and Commercial Way for about 2 hours on 10 April 2015. We received no comment and went ahead. Eight of us started leafleting on that day - four in Jubilee Square and four on Commercial Way. However a guard came to Jubilee Square and said we could not do so. Mr de Grauw arrived and said the same, and that he had not been informed of the proposed leafleting. We pointed out we had followed the agreed procedure and suggested he call the police. He then agreed we could carry on until 12am, as we had intended, and we left without incident. The discussions were polite. However he said we could not leaflet in future in these two ‘public realm’ areas without his consent, submission of a form asking for permission, evidence of public liability insurance etc, although these areas were not in the ownership of WS.
Click "Read more" to read read the complete letter that was sent to Woking Council"

Sign the petition to call on her to respect the Palestinian call to boycott Israel and cancel her performance!


As the dust settles after the Israeli election, where can the new coalition lead their people?  If Israel becomes the State of the Jews, what future faces its other citizens? And are there particular difficulties for Bedouin communities?
On Sunday May 31st, Khalil Alamour will visit Frensham, to talk about the Bedouin in the Negev. A father of seven, from the village of Al-Sira, he is qualified in computer science and law, and teaches mathematics.  A field researcher for Adalah, a human rights NGO, he is also a Board Member of the Negev Coexistence Forum for civil equality - a grass roots Arab Jewish NGO. Khalil has worked alongside ICAHD in lobbying at the UN, has hosted visits during ICAHD’s rebuilding camps and the ETT study tours.
Please come and hear what he has to say.
A Palestinian welcome awaits you!
  • 7pm in St Mary’s Church Hall.
  • Tickets £5 from Mayonne or Tim Coldicott
  • 01252 792609 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Proceeds will be divided between Khalil’s costs and the Church Tower appeal.  Additional donations welcomed.

Saturday 18th April,  a screening of the film ‘Open Bethlehem’  will be held at All Saints Weston Green, Chestnut Avenue, Esher, KT10 8JL  followed by a Q&A with the Director of the film Leila Sansour. The film will start at 7 pm. Tickets can be booked at

An analysis of all the messages sent to election candidates in 634 constituencies as requested by PSC shows the following:

* a total of 24,209 messages were sent in all by 16 March (there were probably more as not everybody reported to PSC)
* the average per constituency is 38, and the median (the number sent to the place in the middle of the ranking) is 22.
* the first 50 and more places are all urban constituencies, not unexpectedly, with London Bristol and Birmingham dominating the first 8 placeswith messages sent of 199 to 320.

Congratulations to PSC for a great effort!

Our own results are very good for what are largely country constituencies with a strong Conservative bias. In the table below, M is the number of messages sent and R indicates the rank achieved when the results are in the order of number of messages:

* SW Surrey (Farnham) is perhaps the highest ranked of all ‘country’ constituencies in the list(M 90 R 64)
Woking (M 84 R 72) and Mole Valley (M 42 R 195) did very well too
* Guildford (M 32 R248) is the one that perhaps disappoints a bit 
Aldershot and Surrey Heath are weak (M 16& 17 R 390 & 427), but we have few members there

Thank you to all of you here who sent so many messages!